Teaching Airway Surgery
Dr. Christopher Hartnick is Professor of Otolaryngology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School and the co-founder of Operation Airway in 2007. He is so incredibly fortunate to work together with Dr. Phoebe Yager (the director of the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and Evelyn Zablah, Operation Airway’s Program Director to help plan the multi-disciplinary missions designed towards self-sustainability around the world and to help design and implement the local level clinical trials to improve the quality of life of children with breathing problems around the world, and, perhaps, to help lower pediatric mortality around the world through this work.

diciembre 10, 2020

Besides helping the wonderful children, one of the main goals of the mission was to teach the ENTs in the Dominican Republic to do airway surgery. Dr. Mirambeaux and his residents to perform airway surgery.

They watched us perform the first case and asked very intelligent and insightful questions.

After that, we were able to walk them through the cases. They did a fantastic job performing the procedures and now understand the basic concepts of airway surgery. It is not only important to understand how to do the procedures but also know what procedure to perform in different scenarios.

Overall, it was very successful mission. We helped some great kids, made some wonderful friendships, and hopefully planted to seed to inspire further missions and dedication to safe airway surgery.

There are so many ways to contribute to the mission of Operation Airway.

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