Our Partners

With only 1 full-time employee, Operation Airway counts on our medical volunteers and dedicated mission volunteers, along with the generosity of monetary contributions from private donors and corporate sponsors, as well as donations of services and products. These are essential in our ability to successfully offer premium quality care without any cost to our patients.

During each medical mission, our team provides services to more than 60 patients and performs around 30 surgical procedures. We provide psychological support to patients and their families and we also hope to be able to provide feeding and speech therapies to all patients who need it during our campaigns.
As our programs grow all over the world, the strong alliance with our partners is what makes this possible. Your sponsorship has helped us provide a second chance to many children suffering from respiratory difficulties, of course, we thank you for your support of our organization.
On behalf of Operation Airway, we would like to extend our deepest and most profound gratitude for the support and contribution towards our patients.  Your generosity provides the best multidisciplinary medical care to all patients who need it.

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