We aim to make life-changing airway reconstructive surgery and post-operative care available to all children who cannot breathe or speak on their own.


We provide life-saving surgical treatments, education, and training for 3 to 5 years.


Giving local health care communities the tools necessary to develop their own sustainable airway surgical programs after we’re gone. 


We hope to continue our educational programs year-round though online labs, simulation exercises and telemedicine.




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There are many ways to choose where your generous donation will go to help further the mission of Operation Airway.

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Sponsor a Full Mission

Donation $40,000

Operation Airway’s goal is to provide surgical and medical care in underserved communities throughout the world and to positively impact the lives of children and their families. Although Operation Airway works entirely with a group of dedicated volunteers the monetary contributions from private donors, corporate sponsors, and the donation of services and products, are essential in our ability to successfully offer premium quality care without any cost to our patients.

Your contribution has the potential of helping hundreds of children and their families in one single week. The impact of just one mission goes beyond what happens inside the walls of a hospital. By helping one child you are directly impacting at least ten people in that child’s immediate family and indirectly affecting hundreds of individuals inside that child’s community.

When you sponsor a mission, your name or company’s name will appear in all press and communications, including all our social media outlets. You can also sponsor a mission anonymously.

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Two Opportunities to Fund Lasers

1st Opportunity:  Donate a laser for a hospital

There are many children in low resource countries who would not need mayor open airway surgeries, and prolonged ICU stays if they had access to a laser to help treat their airways. With a one-time donation, you can make a laser available in those countries and allow for short, safe endoscopic procedures. These lasers are approximately 25k and will help to safely operate and restore these children’s ability to breathe and speak. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2nd Opportunity:  Donation for the development of a new, one-of-a-kind laser to help children now and in the future through translational research opportunity.

There are many expensive lasers used all around the world. Still, no laser to date, that is both inexpensive, easily used in low resources countries, and that allows both the treatment of airway scars as well as of respiratory papilloma.

Our lab is working on the development, making incredible progress in developing a theragnostic laser that is “tunable” that will allow us to treat children with a variety of airway disorders all around the world. your gift would go a long way to make this happen if you want more information email: contact us we would love to speak more about it with you

We are working on:
• Inexpensive Laser development for better treatments

After 3 years, we are in the final modeling stage for the theragnostic probe to treat children and adults with respiratory papilloma and other airway related needs.

Click HERE to contact us for more information.

Help Us With Our Teaching, Education, and Sustainable Programs

Donation $40,000

  • Simulation Education
  • Curriculum

Telesimulation is an innovative technology that enables an expert in one location to conduct simulation-based team training exercises with providers in a second, distant location.  We hope to establish a telesimulation-based multidisciplinary team training program with providers in El Salvador to consolidate learning occurring at the bedside during annual mission trips to El Salvador.  Simulation-based exercises with high-fidelity pediatric manikins who breathe, speak, and have a pulse, activate learners and allow them to respond to simulated pediatric emergencies that feel real but do not place actual patients in danger.  These exercises bring the entire team together to practice and focus on principles of crisis resource management (communication, role allocation, leadership and followership skills etc.).

Monthly telesimulation sessions with providers at the Bloom Hospital will not only serve to consolidate learning following mission trips but keep our partners at the Bloom Hospital engaged in active learning and maintain momentum between mission trips.

Click HERE to contact us for more information.

ICU Supply Donation of Endotracheal Tube Program in El Salvador

Donation $36,000 per year

Baseline data collected on all intubated pediatric patients in the Bloom Hospital over the last 12 months indicates that many patients have improperly sized uncuffed endotracheal tubes.  This likely contributes to a high incidence of acquired subglottic stenosis (development of scar tissue in the airway making the airway so small that children fail extubation and need tracheostomy tubes placed).

Anesthesiologists and Pediatric Intensivists at the Bloom Hospital have told us they are often forced to upsize endotracheal tubes when caring for patients with sick lungs where having a snug-fitting tube in the airway is the only way to prevent air meant to inflate the lungs from leaking out between the outside of the breathing tube and the inside of the airway (often the path of least resistance).  While the doctors can sometimes acquire cuffed endotracheal tubes that enable them to use a smaller, more appropriately sized endotracheal tube and seal the air leak with a balloon that inflates, these tubes are more expensive and the brand they use is unreliable, leading to popped balloons.

We feel strongly that providing a safe supply of well-made cuffed endotracheal tubes along with the education needed to use them properly will result in shorter lengths of stay, fewer children developing scar tissue in the airway requiring tracheostomy tube placement, and overall decreased mortality.

What we have found in the pediatric ICUs is that 1 in 4 children who enter the ICU are dying. When we analyzed the data, we found a few reasons why this could be and through a multi-disciplinary approach, created a program to improve this number. We found that there was a 30% chance the breathing tube may accidentally come out while the child was sedated and needing this tube to breathe and sustain life.

To address this, our intervention has two main components:

  1. Education regarding how to appropriately tape an endotracheal tube in place.
  2. Education regarding how to appropriately use and size a cuffed endotracheal tube.

We have built a bilingual curriculum to teach how to choose the right size breathing tube (and if it should be cuffed or not), and how to properly tape the tube in place.

These lectures and training sessions are available in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic and on QR codes that make them available on any cell phone and therefore allow for health care professionals to learn when they can and on their own time  The tape and the tubes are relatively inexpensive and cost $1.32 per child. Preliminary data have shown that we are decreasing the chance the tubes come out and more children are making it out of the PICU alive.

Click HERE to view our list of supplies needed. 

Click HERE to contact us for more information.

Sponsor a Child

Donation $5,000 per child

As part of our commitment to continuously support our patients, year-round Operation Airway developed an international aid program. Thanks to our joint efforts with Shriners Children Hospital in Boston, we are now able to take care of our patients from El Salvador in the United States. With this program we are able to care for children who need specialized treatments.

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our medical care program or by sponsoring a child.

When you choose to sponsor a specific child, we try and make sure your contribution goes towards saving that child’s life. Any extra funds we receive are used to saving the lives of other children in need.

As a sponsor, you’ll be able to see your impact firsthand through letters and photos from your child. You’ll see how much you’re helping a child when they need it most.

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Sponsor an Educational Animation Video

Donation $3,000 per 3 minute video

Being able to provide accurate and clear information to our patients has always been one of our priorities, and today more than ever, having reliable and accessible information is essential. We have developed a list of videos that we considered essential tools to both support our patients and their families. By creating fun, short animated videos, we have been able to provide our patients with a new innovative tool to understand and share their condition. We want to expand our video library, and we need your help.

  • All videos will have their own QR codes, making them easily accessible (English, and Spanish)
  • Parents discussing their initial experiences when learning of the diagnosis.
  • Gives a told to healthcare providers to facilitate conversation
  • Helps children be more in control of their condition
  • Friends and families get the video to watch post-diagnosis
  • A platform for instructional trach videos and instructional videos for families and healthcare providers free and easily accessible

Please take a moment to watch our latest video on our YouTube Channel.

Click HERE to contact us for more information.

Sponsor a Scholarship in Boston

Donation $5,000 per scholarship

Our commitment has been to empower healthcare teams so that they can develop their own sustainable programs to care for children at a local level. We hope that our mission trips will represent partnerships between the in-country medical community and Operation Airway to provide high-quality treatment to children even when the Operation Airway team is not physically there. We have found that the optimal way of enhancing the education and skills of the local healthcare providers is, both to work with them locally at the time of our missions, and also have them come to Boston for 1-2 weeks to complete an observational training course.

Sponsoring a healthcare provider is an excellent opportunity to:

  • Directly support a healthcare provider with the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in their profession.
  • Express your commitment to empowering healthcare professionals, who are the future of our hospitals around the world.
  • Help healthcare workers with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills in the United States.

The recipients can effect change and bring new hope to people and continue with their meaningful contribution to society, serving as the next generation’s leaders in their communities.

Click HERE to contact us for more information.

Support Our Storage Space for Trach Equipment and Supplies in Boston

Donation $3,600 per year

Help support our mission logistics. We have a secure storage facility in the Boston area where we keep all of the mission supplies, including donations. Establish drop-offs and inventory procedures. Thanks to the work and support of parents and a friend of Operation Airway we are actively working on replenishing all equipment needed year-round to support our patients and the hospitals around Latin America.

Click HERE to contact us for more information.

Video by Billy Parker

“To live is to breath.”

We hope that our mission trips will represent partnerships between the in-country medical community and Operation Airway to provide high quality treatment to their children long after we have moved on to help another country.

Preventative Care


Vaccines & Immunotherapy


Inexpensive laser development for better treatment


Simulation education


Full Curriculum


OA Quizzes


OA Diplomas











Before making a commitment to a specific country, we travel there and meet with medical and hospital personnel as well as local non-profits, government officials, and sometimes even the local clergy. Provided all parties agree to the goals and objectives of Operation Airway, we will commit a minimum of 3 to 5 years to provide life-saving surgical treatments, education, and training.


Through education and hands on training we hope to empower the local health care community so they develop their own sustainable programs to care for their patients. We believe that this is the only way to create a true lasting effect. We hope to continue our educational programs year-round though online labs, simulation exercises and telemedicine.


Operation Airway is able to fulfill its mission by collaborating with medical practitioners in host countries. In some countries, an established or semi-established airway programs exists, and host country physicians request the participation of Operation Airway to help educate, train, and mentor their team. 

The Power of Partnership

In collaboration with

With only 1 full-time employee Operation Airway, counts on our medical volunteers and the generous donations of our sponsors and contributors LIKE YOU to deliver exceptional care.




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